Welcome to NTNUi Qwan Ki Do!

Qwan Ki Do is a form of martial arts wich originated in Vietnam/China around 2500 b.C. In Paris, 1981, Qwan Ki Do was formaly founded as a sport by the current Grand master Pham Xuân Tong.

Qwan Ki Do is a very versatile martial art wich implements techniques form different martial art schools, combining kicks, self-defence, competitions, traditional weapons, and the characteristic scissor kicks into one complete martial arts. NTNUi Qwan Ki Do was founded in 2008 by Vo Su David Lamignan Larsen(3rd Dang), who also founded Sandnes Qwan Ki Do. These two clubs cooperate in exchanging knowledge and techniques, and there are often held traning camps where practitioners from both clubs are present.

Our practises are held at Dragvoll Idrettsenter at these hours and locations:

Monday   19:30-22:00 In the martial arts room
Thursday 16:00-17:30 in the second floor gym
Sunday    19:00-22:00 in the martial arts room

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